haere mai!

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Saying hello to 2014, stuff about my MA year, a recent short film I made, and some Tourist Walk videos. And One Night available online. And a link to my new photography project. Mixed bag!



Update from New Zealand, some new Tourist Walk videos, and a clip from my work at 360 Production.



Some stuff I’ve been doing – a couple of music videos, stuff about my upcoming short Bliss, and lots of words.




For my last ni2012 film, “Radio MC”, I interviewed Michael Clarke, a Carrickfergus-based radio presenter.




For “Woolly Bandits”, we interviewed someone about a fun, slightly renegade form of public art.



“Roller Girls” – short doco about Belfast Roller Derby.



“Tourist Walk – Nothing Left to Lose” is a live performance outside Titanic Belfast.




“Stacey (from Bondi Beach)” is about the lovely Stacey, who lives in Belfast but is from…




“The Night 100 Million People Saw Me Naked” is about the night on which 100 million people saw David naked.



“We Ran a Marathon” is about a relay team and uses a lot of sounds and stuff.



Here’s “Boom”, my first time lapse which is of a guy called Kris getting a tattoo on his stomach. You can enjoy the process here without the pain!



This is “Tara”, a mini-doc, and my first film to incorporate another language!




This is a rather rambling blog entry which covers a number of shoots and includes behind-the-scenes footage of me operating a dodgy fake steadicam.



This is my first short documentary, “Lauren & Walt clean up Whiterocks”. This is the first of 12 documentaries I’m making for the ni2012 film project.



This is the story of how I made a short film in London; you can watch the film itself as well as another short I was involved with.





This is the behind-the-scenes story of the Whiterocks shoot, including a vlog/behind-the-scenes video shot with smartphones.

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