stacey (from bondi beach)

G’day… here’s a little bit about Stacey, who’s an Australian living in Northern Ireland (true story). I have to say a huge thanks to Stacey for generously providing me with loads of fantastic photographs in order to bring her story to life. I was about to say “good on ya mate” but that’s a bit too cheesy, right? Oh, oops.

the night 100 million people saw me naked

No not me! The title refers to the gorgeous David Monahan, who is the subject of this little film. David is now pursuing a career as a professional multi-tasker, working at the new MAC centre in Belfast, while also undertaking journalism training at the BBC and writing for start-up magazine Gay NI. Luckily for me, he found time in his busy schedule to chat to Sarah and me.

Here’s what he told us!


we ran a marathon

Here’s my beatbox-inspired little piece about my friends and me entering a relay team in the Belfast Marathon. The Antrim Road bit isn’t nearly as bad as people say (honest). Enjoy! Oh and I should probably send a nod in the direction of the Monty Python boys. Squish effect from