to wellington and beyond…

Here I am in sunny Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve moved here to take up a place at Victoria University’s International Institute of Modern Letters, doing an MA in Scriptwriting. One week in, and it’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

So… towards the end of last year I started a placement at 360 Production in Derry, and became offline editor for their new YouTube channel, HeadSqueeze, a science and technology channel featuring James May. It was a big challenge but I really enjoyed it (and now don’t hate Final Cut Pro quite as much as I used to). Here is one of my favourite videos from the channel’s Live Experiments strand:

Jon Chase was really funny, and there was some great stuff that I was sad to relegate to the cutting room floor.

Also towards the end of the year, Tourist Walk released the second and third videos from the Belfast walk. It was great to see this stuff come together. The boys edited these videos themselves (due to me being stupid busy with all the other projects!) and I graded them. The second shot of “We Found Love” from the New Lodge (with Oisín walking towards us) is my favourite bit of the Belfast shoot. Turn the cog to full HD for these videos!

Staying with the Tourist Walk theme, we shot Tourist Walk Derry just after Christmas. It was really cold, and we even got a bit of snow on our last night! But it was great fun, we were well fed, and we shot some really cool stuff. The crew expanded a bit since the Belfast shoot, so we had four cameras – me (also directing), DOP Pete Graham, and camera assistant Austen Irwin, who ended up manning two cameras most of the time (so not really an assistant at all!) Plus Colm Herron on sound, and a massive behind-the-scenes crew.

The first of these films to be released is Other Side of Town, an original which we filmed on the Peace Bridge (see what they did there). I edited this one early this year.

Two more to come shortly!

What else? Oh at the start of the year, I (with the help of the amazing drummer/assistant extraordinaire Ross Haymes) made another music video for the fabulous Hurdles. Paper Soldiers involved greenscreen and stopmotion (my idea, because I’m sucker for punishment I suppose?) as well as archive footage and stuff I shot at various gigs. It was a lot of fun to put together.

The boys are hoping to record their first EP soon, and in the meantime they continue to take the Belfast gig circuit by storm. They’ve also recently played Dublin and Derry, so watch this space while they take over the world. I’ve done some gig photography for them too, which I’ll make available on here just as soon as I have a spare minute. In the meantime you can spot some of the pics over on Facebook.

So right now I’m concentrating on getting back into the swing of studying, loads of writing to do of course. Also looking to get involved in the industry over here, so on the lookout for shooting or editing jobs – music videos or short films most likely. Contact me if you know of anything!

Oh and One Night got into the Belfast Film Festival. The producers are busy with loads of other festival entries, so will keep you posted!

We had a public screening a couple of weeks back at the Menagerie in Belfast, which was a lot of fun. We also screened Bliss, which went really well (although I think the sound man was a bit perplexed by my weird sound design).

Right, I am going to go soak up some Vitamin D, before I’m hit by another winter.