Tropfest and other stuffs.

2014 has roared into life. I was really stoked that my first NZ-based short, My Secret Valentine, made it into the finals of Tropfest NZ. It was a great excuse to finally visit Taranaki, and producer Beanie and I were kept busy with the Roughcut Symposium and other networking events.IMAG0760

It was a nerve-wracking but fun experience to see our wee film on a big screen in front of an audience of thousands! Here it is. Please watch in full HD!

Back in Wellington, I’m halfway through the first draft of my second feature screenplay, an as-yet-untitled non-linear story set in the small town of Foxton. I’m really excited to be involved in a couple of writers’ groups this year, one through the Emerging Artists Trust, and the other a writers and actors group called Screenplayers’ Sandpit. It’s really nice to get feedback from other writers and both groups also provide me with deadlines, which force me to get things done!

I’m storyboarding and making plans for About Troy, a dark mockumentary short planned for shooting later this year. We’re going to start a crowdfunding campaign in the near future. I’m very excited to see this one finally come together.

I also have a few documentary projects bubbling away, just wrote a first draft of a new short, and I’m putting together a team for 48HOURS.

I’m still doing my photo-a-day project, although I must admit to missing the odd day…

The other thing keeping me busy is organising (with a friend and fellow short film junkie) a live music and short film night here in Wellington. It’s called Fuse Wellington, and follows the format of a night held in Belfast and Derry, Northern Ireland, by good friends of mine. It should be a really fun event.

That’s all for now! 🙂


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