2014 Update

I can hardly believe it’s August already – each year flies by more quickly than the last. It’s certainly been a busy one for me.

Back in April, producer Corey Le Vaillant and I put together a team for the annual 48HOURS filmmaking madness [for the uninitiated: this is exactly what it sounds like. 48 hours to write, shoot, cut and deliver a short film].

We had an amazing weekend, with very few hitches and a surprising lack of grumpiness on all of our parts (probably due to our fantastic unit keeping us plied with coffee, V and food). Fun fact: our shopping list on Saturday morning included:

  • a goldfish (later to become affectionately known as Mr Squiffypants, and currently still alive and living with our gaffer, Lydia);
  • a chocolate cake;
  • a bouncy ball; and
  • a book of crossword puzzles.

vlcsnap-2014-08-12-22h40m31s228We handed our film in on time (14 minutes to spare, I think) and felt great about what we’d produced. When it came time to screen the film, we were placed in a very strong heat (which we thought was awesome and terrifying, in equal measure).

We were absolutely chuffed to be nominated for two Wellington awards – Best Male Actor (for Jack Sergent-Shadbolt) and Best Female Director. Jack won his category, and we were stoked that his amazing work was recognised. Jack and I were also both nominated for national awards in the same categories.

Without any further blah blah, here is team Moxy Films’ entry into 48HOURS 2014, Deathday Wishes. Please remember that this was made within 48 hours and we have not tinkered with it in any way, shape or form since the end of that weekend!

Since 48 HOURS, I’ve kept myself busy with a number of other projects. About Troy will be beginning crowdfunding in a couple of week, which we’re really excited about. We’re looking to shoot in November, and things are starting to take on a life of their own. Watch this space for news very soon!

Other than Troy, I’m developing three other short film projects with three different producers. These are all at a very early stage, but they are films I can’t wait to see made.

I’ve been doing some freelance videography for cloud video production service 90 Seconds, which sometimes involves directing, sometimes shooting, and sometimes editing – or a combination of the three. Here is a video I made recently through 90 Seconds for Wynyard Group:

I’m interested in getting into wedding films, and shot my first wedding film in June. It was a really great day and I was happy to be able to be there and help record this fantastic event. I have the film available to show anyone who’s interested in having a videographer capture their big day.

Recently I finished the first draft of my second feature screenplay, The True Path. It’s been a lot of fun and a much less stressful proposition than my MA script, despite the fact that it’s a lot darker and less comedic than that script! Also on the writing front, I’ve just started developing a concept for a science fantasy TV series. Creating a world is a little daunting, but also awesome.

I’m also working on a long-term documentary vlcsnap-2014-08-12-22h46m08s11project about a rally team; Stewart Motorsport. The shooting for this has started and will continue into 2015, as I follow the team through a season of rallies. Currently they are building a new car, so it’s been fun to watch that process unfold.

I’m very excited to be a part of the Sandpit Collective, a group of 12 filmmakers who are going to make a portmanteau film in the coming months. At the moment I’m developing a script with writer Emma Kinane. It’s a simple story which walks the line between humour and darkness – an area which always intrigues me.

I also became an auntie in June, which is pretty brilliant. I’m not sure how long I have to wait before I can cast my nephew in a film.

Those are all my updates for now! Hope you like my new-look website 🙂

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