Please select below from short films, documentaries and music videos to see what I’m all about. I’m always happy to receive feedback so don’t be shy!

Music videos

While in Belfast, I was lucky enough to make music videos for local indie foursome Hurdles, as well as for the unique, live music, band of brothers known as Tourist Walk.


These mini-documentaries were all filmed in and around Belfast as part of the ni2012 “Lives” project. The “Lives” project involved six local filmmakers, who were tasked to “tell the stories of the lives of the people of Northern Ireland, to celebrate and showcase their unique personalities”. This was a partnership between the Northern Ireland Tourist … Continue reading Documentaries

Short films

Please switch films to full HD for maximum enjoyment! These were directed by me, apart from One Night, which I wrote and Gillian Callan directed. Please see my blog for lots of chat about how each of these was made.

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